Why Pay Proudly? We Got You.

Pay Proudly is a unique business platform for credit card processing that provides business owners’s credit card processing clarity and charity for the local community. Clarity and charity are the cornerstones upon which our company was built – giving back is in our DNA, and behind everything we do.

In addition to saving merchants money when it comes to credit card processing, our unique “give-back” model enables merchants to give back to causes that are important to them. Through this model, Pay Proudly directs a portion of unavoidable credit card processing fees to local nonprofits and charities on behalf of our merchants.

At Pay Proudly, we take the time to personally know you and your business. We are committed to personalized, responsive expert support – and always provide you with the help you need.

What is Pay Proudly?

  • Good for your Business & Good for Your Soul
  • No contracts- we earn your business everyday
  • PCI Compliant

  • Customized Processing Solutions- hardware, mobile or virtual

  • Give back with ZERO out-of-pocket expense to your business

  • Easy integration with your existing POS or other systems

  • Keep Quickbooks- eliminate the fees

  • Next day funding

  • Personal, responsive Customer Service

  • Simple and Easy Set-up

  • Impacting causes that are important to our merchants

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Cause Proudly with Every Transaction Today!

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How We Save You Money

At Pay Proudly, we are most proud of so many things – including our ability to save our merchants thousands of dollars in merchant fees…or eliminate them altogether! Saving money is critical to business success and it’s just one reason that our merchants stay with us year after year – giving us the distinction of having a more than 97 percent retention rate with our merchants.

It’s simple- with over 25+ years experience in the payment processing industry, we have built and nurtured strong relationships that enable us to secure the best rates and technology for our merchants.

With our experience and industry insight, we are poised to honestly and effectively guide our merchants to the best solution and rates for their specific business.

Payment processing is not 1 size fits all.

Whether it’s determining the best Point-of-Sale, learning about fees elimination, uncovering hidden fees, or possibly staying with your current system- our Mission is to provide business owners a trusted voice and clarity around saving money, time, and frustration while ‘planting shade’ for others by supporting non-profits and local causes.

We do not use contracts, as it holds us to the highest standard of service, rates, support, and experience. We have to earn your business each day.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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