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At Pay Proudly, we take pride in saving our merchants thousands on fees or eliminating them entirely. With over 25 years in payment processing, our strong relationships secure the best rates and technology. We offer honest guidance tailored to each business, understanding that payment processing isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our mission is to provide clarity and a trusted voice for business owners, saving them money, time, and frustration while supporting non-profits and local causes. No contracts – we earn your business daily.

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Why Pay Proudly?
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Pay Proudly is a unique business platform for credit card processing that provides business owners’s credit card processing clarity and charity for the local community. Built on the principles of giving back, our unique model allows merchants to support local causes while saving on processing fees. We personally know you and your business, delivering personalized, responsive expert support.

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What is Pay Proudly?

  Good for Your Business & Soul

  No contracts—we earn your business everyday


  Next-day funding

  Customized Processing—hardware, mobile, or virtual

  Integrate with POS/systems easily

  Keep Quickbooks—fee-free

  Responsive Customer Service

  Super Simple Setup

  Give back at ZERO cost

  Impactful causes for our merchants

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“I’ve been using Pay Proudly for years, and they have been a game-changer. There is a big difference when you process credit cards with a company you can trust, that knows you and your business. The previous company never had anyone able to help us when we had a question about our account, fees or our machine. We never realized there was such a difference- now we know.” – TJ Anderson, Atlantic Spray Foam