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The modes of payments accepted by businesses vary. Credit and debit cards are popular, while other companies prefer to use in-app solutions. A merchant will at least have in-store credit card terminals or point of sale systems.

Virtual terminals are used by businesses that do not need any of the options above. The virtual terminal credit card processing enables you to receive credit and debit card payments. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. It provides convenience since you do not have to turn down cash, enabling your business to grow. Do you need to sell your business products at a virtual terminal? Get in touch with us today!

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Understanding A Virtual Terminal

With this web-based payment, you can accept credit and debit transactions without a credit card terminal. The deal involves submitting essential credit card information and the amount of sale to the payment processor who does the authorizations.
The payment processor should be well-reputed for your transactions to be successful. Ensure that you have a computer, a web browser, a merchant account, and internet access.

What Are The Steps Involved In Using A Virtual Terminal?

The virtual terminal works in the following ways:

  1. You first log in to your virtual terminal application.
  2. The secure payment page will ask for the customers’ payment details. Ensure that you enter the details accurately.
  3. In the final step, your payment will process.

What Kinds Of Businesses Use Virtual Terminals?

Several businesses can benefit from virtual terminals. In some instances, a payment acceptance terminal might not be available, yet you still have to accept payments. Companies can succeed without a terminal or POS system, especially when the volume of remittances is small. Examples of business that can benefit from virtual terminals include the following;

  • Service-oriented companies such as lawn care or pet grooming
  • Stores that accept credit cards over the phone or mail
  • Professional services, such as accounting, legal, or medic.
  • A business that is home-based and travelers who conduct business on the road

How Secure Are Virtual Terminals?

Compliance with credit card industry regulations is essential for the security of credit cards.

Security is critical to any transaction that involves credit cards. A virtual card terminal needs to be secure. The services that you choose should be compliant with the payment card industry. The payment provider should demonstrate full compliance and have secure technologies.

A merchant who accepts credit cards via virtual terminals has the responsibility of ensuring that the data of their customers is safe. The data of the cardholder is sensitive, and the merchant should maintain and follow best practices to ensure that they protect their customers and the reputation of their business.

How To Navigate Virtual Terminal Options?

The payment processor that you choose is a significant factor when using a virtual terminal. Consider its rates and customer service. Ensure that you ask any questions that will be of importance. You might need to know how to upgrade in case you grow out of a virtual terminal card processing solution.

A virtual terminal can be an ideal solution for the needs of your business and clients.

The Advantages Of Using A Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals enable you to accept payments, as long as you connect to the internet. Its benefits include;

  • The virtual terminal accepts credit, debit, and recurring transactions.
  • It is accessible via popular web browsers.
  • It is accessible from any place that has an internet connection
  • You can print or email receipts and general reports
  • It enables you to view the daily details of your business and track trends.
  • EMV-compliant credit, debit, cash, and check acceptance
  • Multi-user support to separate administrative functions from payment acceptance
  • Your business does not need additional hardware to buy, maintain, and upgrade.

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