About Pay Proudly

Pay Proudly, founded in 2019 by Jeff Maine with over 25 years in payment processing, aims to assist business owners and make a positive impact on local causes. With a background dating back to 1999, Jeff is dedicated to providing clarity and honest answers to help businesses succeed. The “give-back” concept allows merchants to support charities important to them at no extra cost.
Pay Proudly’s unique model, backed by strong industry relationships, streamlines cost-effective credit card processing, saving money and promoting business growth.
Committed to a mission of giving $10 million back to the community, Pay Proudly has already donated over $75,000 on behalf of merchants. It’s more than a business—it’s a movement, connecting businesses to the greater good and helping them live Proudly by supporting meaningful causes.

Our Mission

  “We Got You!”

  Relationships Above All

  Create Shade for Others from the 💙

  Fun is For Us


Our Vision

Discover credit card processing that’s easier, faster, less costly and… even more personal.

Getting Paid shouldn’t be complicated, frustrating or expensive. Let us Show You How ➜

“Michele made everything so easy transitioning from Square to Clover. Using Clover is much easier than Square! I’m even able to update our online menus in real time, right off the register. They know our business, they know how we operate, and what’s most important to us. Pay Proudly is there when we need them and we love knowing that each swipe gives funds to local charities. That’s the icing on the cake. it’s just been a pleasure switching to Clover and working with Pay Proudly” – Kristin Dixon, Downtown Deli