About Pay Proudly

Pay Proudly was founded in 2019 by Jeff Maine, who brings more than 25 years of experience in the payment processing industry to business owners., Jeff created Pay Proudly as a way to both help business owners and make a difference in the world by positively impacting important local causes. Having opened his first payment processing company in 1999, Jeff’s extensive background in the field has given him relevant, valuable experiences. He has seen all sides of the industry and is dedicated to providing business owners clarity and honest answers to help them achieve their goals and succeed. Having seen firsthand the difference that people can make in helping others, and utilizing his decades of experience in the payment processing industry, he created Pay Proudly around a “give-back” concept that provides merchants with a unique way to give back to specific charities that are important to them – without any additional cost to them.

Through our unique business model and long-standing strong relationships in the payment processing industry, we are able to provide merchants with streamlined, and personalized, solutions when it comes to cost-effective credit card processing that can save them money and help them grow their business. In addition, by directing a portion of the fees collected that are unavoidable to donate to charities that merchants care about, our merchants are able to join us in our commitment to “do good” and help others. Founded on the mission of giving $10 million back to our community, to-date Pay Proudly has already donated more than $75,000 on behalf of our merchants to causes both locally and worldwide as a result of our unique “give-back” concept – all with zero out of pocket expense to our merchants.

Proudly is a movement — an idea of what the world desperately needs right now and that’s a connection to the greater good. Through our strong relationships and many years of experience in electronic payment processing, we not only help merchants save money, time, and frustration processing credit cards, but we provide an opportunity to help our merchants live their lives Proudly — and support the people and causes that make the world a better place.

Our Mission

Our Team

Jeff Maine,  Founder


Carla Raines,  Sales


Renae Maine, Marketing & Community Development


Michele Morton, Strategic Business Development


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