Digital Wallets 

Digital wallets have revolutionized online payment transaction processing by using a lot of security measures that make the process much more reliable. The portfolios have put to use the authenticated user credentials for ensuring the credibility of such transactions. Digital wallets are for e-commerce, in-store, and mobile payment processing. Discussed below are some of the applications of digital wallets.

E-Commerce Payments

E-commerce platforms are to improve the efficiency of getting various products online from the comfort of your home. The use of digital wallets has helped to improve the payment processing process by offering faster checkout speed while maintaining credibility and authenticity. For this reason, its use has continued to rise among American consumers who buy products online as they seek to take advantage of the speed and safety offered by digital wallets.

In-Store Payments

Digital wallets leverage communication (NFC) in stores to establish a secure connection between customers’ smartphones and merchant terminals, as opposed to using credit card payments.  It reduces the level of contact between the shopper and the shop attendants, which may help in reducing the transmission of diseases.

Moreover, the use of digital wallets has made payment processing more comfortable and faster since the process is more straightforward. With a pure wave of the phone at a dedicated NFC terminal, a customer can easily make their payment. Not only does this improve the customer’s user experience, but it also increases the number of transactions per unit time. Improved customer experience leads to customer satisfaction, which consequently enhances customer loyalty while growing revenue levels at the same time.

This type of payment option is popular with Millenials, so if your business caters to this demographic, then you should go this route sooner rather than later.

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What You Need To Know About Digital Wallets


Digital wallets’ ability to offer quality, credible, and reliable payment services provides customers with the peace of mind they need to make payments while shopping online. Digital wallets offer a lot more benefits for businesses and customers alike. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should get a digital wallet system for your business.


The use of digital wallets can help you to reduce the cost of running or sustaining your business. With digital wallets, you don’t have to allocate space for a teller or cashier to take cash payments or swipe customer cards. All you need to do is to install an NFC terminal where customers can make their payments as they checkout. Also, you won’t need to budget for paying a teller that you don’t have, thereby reducing your recurrent expenditure.


Digital wallets enable you to manage payment processing more efficiently as compared to other payment options such as cards and credit cards. In the case of cash payments, customers will always be looking to get their balance, which you may not always have. It reduces your customer checkout efficiency and satisfaction by increasing the transaction processing time as you look for change. In the case of credit cards, you face unreadable cards or customers forgetting their PINs since they have a lot of credit cards. Again, this increases checkout issues that you may have to endure with your customers. With digital wallets, it is a single piece of software installed on the customer’s device for which they will most likely remember the password, thereby making it easier to make the payments.

More Security

Physical wallets, being physical, can easily be lost or stolen. It will make it harder for clients to make payments at your shop or even get into the shop in the first place since they may not have the cash or credit cards to pay for the products that they desire. With a digital wallet payment processing system installed in your store, they are still able to do their shopping, which will increase your revenue. Even if the customer were to lose their phone, they could resume shopping immediately. They get new ones since all they have to do is verify digital wallet account ownership to access their previous account. It is not usually the case with credit cards that have shown to take a significantly longer time to get if one was to lose theirs.

Additional Bonuses And Rewards

Digital wallet applications usually have several benefits and bonuses that they give to their customers, businesses, and individuals alike. It gives you extra incentive to set up the digital wallet payment, both for your business and your clients. This additional incentive also incentivizes customers to get their digital wallets setups, which implies that you should provide a service that they can use the wallets to cater to the services.

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Businesses with well set-up digital wallets have registered high sales volume at adoption, which points to the fact that customers are shopping and paying more with digital wallets. The figures indicate that the transaction records are more top in comparison to using cards. There has been a 100% to 350% recorded increase in wallet volume in terms of sales. It indicates that more consumers are increasingly using digital wallets in e-commerce.

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