What is the one thing most businesses have in common?  The need to accept credit card payments easily and securely.  However, the method of accepting credit card payments is not a “one size fits all”.  While restaurants and retail generally have a need for a more sophisticated software solution, other businesses do not have the need and cannot afford the cost associated with these point-of-sale systems (POS).  This is where a virtual terminal provides a cost-effective and simple solution.

Just picture you or your employees logging into a secure payment gateway via a computer and processing payments from your customers, clients, or patients.  A virtual terminal is a secure web-based application that allows you to process electronic payments by telephone, mail order, email, or in person.  You can transform any existing desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet into a POS system without any additional hardware to purchase or software to install.  A card reader or credit card terminal can be connected for in-person payments.   As long as you have a merchant account with a payment gateway, internet access, and a web browser, you have a virtual terminal credit card processing right at your fingertips.

Virtual terminals are a great fit for freelancers, and professional service providers such as doctors, accountants, chiropractors, landscapers, and home repair services.  If your business has the need for recurring billing, most gateways offer this solution as well.  For instance, a pet service business might bill their customers monthly for agreed-upon services or a chiropractor that offers different treatment plans.  The gateway would enable them to add their customers/patients, tokenize their credit card on file, and issue a recurring digital invoice on a set date.  The virtual terminal provides your business with the ability to set up customized payment plans for your customers.  It also provides you with the ability to issue refunds, send a digital receipt, access transaction history, and run reports.  The gateway administrator at your business can add additional users and control their access within the portal.   Another big advantage is that payments can be processed anywhere: Wherever your business goes, a virtual terminal can follow as long as you have a device with internet access. Simply log into your virtual terminal account and conduct business anytime and anywhere. At home or on the road, your business is along for the ride.

At Pay Proudly, we have an all-in-one payment engine that allows merchants to process credit cards, cash, and/or checks in one fast transaction with QuickPay.  Our tool also offers additional app add-ons that enable features like invoicing, business-to-business transactions, recurring billing, inventory management, customizable payment widgets, customer vault, and more.  We ask the right questions so we can customize a solution that fits your business needs and save you time and money. Yes, understanding all the options can be confusing, but the Proudly team will bring you and your business clarity while giving charity to the community.

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