Gone are the days when businesses could thrive and grow without accepting credit card payments. In fact, according to Fundera, 75.7 percent of consumers have at least one credit card. Based on census numbers, this means that around 189 million American adults carry at least one credit card. In addition, they cite that only 10 percent of consumers make all of their purchases with cash.

Nowadays, carrying cash is considered a liability as it can easily become lost or even stolen. Furthermore, withdrawing cash from the bank and ATMs is now considered more of a chore than a convenience.

Businesses that choose to accept credit cards and work with a payment processor have the edge over their competitors who only take cash or a check. While taking the leap to accept credit cards can seem like a hassle, the best payment processors will make it a seamless transition for your business.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! Below you can find the top ways to pick the best payment processing company for your business.


Excellent Customer Service

First and foremost, a great payment processing company will have staff ready and available to speak to you about your questions and options. Although it is likely that all reputable payment processing companies have a website for information, there should be designated staff to consult with you.

Upon reaching out to any payment processing company, pay close attention to the level of service you receive. Do you feel as though you have to dig for the answers to your questions? Or, did the company extend help and offer expert information when it was requested?

Remember, the level of service you receive before you partner with a company will be a direct reflection of how you would be treated after agreeing to work with them.

Fraud Protection Services

In a shocking study, reported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, it was discovered that around 3 million of individuals aged 18 and older were victims of financial fraud. To eliminate cases of financial fraud for their business clients, great payment processors come with a game plan and strategy.

When reaching out to payment processing companies, be sure to ask them about their strategy to eliminate credit card fraud. Although there are many layers to eliminating financial fraud, payment processors should have an answer about the efforts they put forth in preventing it from happening.

Honesty & Transparency

From discussions about their transaction fees to responses to difficult questions, excellent payment processors hold themselves accountable for being honest and transparent. This means they are upfront about their transaction fees as well as any added charges.

In addition, they are adamant about educating their business clients on all aspects of accepting card payments to ensure they proceed with awareness. If at any point you feel as if your payment processing company is evading questions or not being upfront with their answers, you should be concerned about their honesty and transparency.



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