We’ll be honest: finding the right payment processing solution can not only seem overwhelming for many people, but can often prove to be confusing – even for seasoned business owners.

But don’t hit the proverbial panic button (a.k.a. slamming your laptop shut and swearing never to Google “payment processors” again) just yet. We’re here to set the record straight by debunking three of the most common payment processing myths – and highlighting how electronic payment processing makes good business sense for even the weariest business owner.

  1. All Payment Processors Charge High Fees

Credit card processors have a nasty reputation for tacking on additional fees. While it’s true that some companies do have shady billing practices, it’s not always the case. At Pay Proudly, we strive to make the entire payment processing solution development and installation process as transparent as possible. We promise to be honest about all of our fees, including what percentage of our merchant fees are donated to charities annually. We have a strong track record of significantly reducing our merchants’ credit card fees, and, in many cases, we eliminate those fees altogether.

  1. Virtual Payment Processors are More At-Risk for Fraud

From data hacking to identity theft, the digital space can be a dangerous place without the correct technology involved. In fact, paper checks are one of the least secure methods of payment. Virtual payment processors give you deep insight into who authorized payments and guide you through several verification steps to approve transactions.

  1. High Touch Service Will Cost You Big Time

Contrary to popular belief, reasonable rates and great customer service can coexist. We like to think that Pay Proudly is proof of just that – and are confident in our proven commitment to providing outstanding customer service. We make it a point to get to know each of our clients personally – and, unlike other electronic payment processing companies, you’ll always be able to get us on the phone when you need us.

Finding the right payment processing solution for your business doesn’t have to be complicated. With a variety of web, point of sale, mobile terminals, software, and accounting integrations, Pay Proudly can help you develop a custom payment solution that allows you to reach your goals faster – all while doing good for others. Through our unique auto contribution model, we not only simplify our merchants’ payment process, but we also give a percentage of fees collected to local charities and nonprofits on their behalf at no additional cost to them.

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