It’s been repeated time and time again that most businesses today don’t run the same as they did three years ago.

Because of the rise of social media commerce and small e-stores during the pandemic, increasingly more transactions are being handled across platforms. Most businesses have had to diversify their sales systems recently, which is why custom payment processing solutions are becoming more popular.

Custom payment processing solutions utilize multiple payment systems (including point of sale systems, mobile wallets, ACH payment processing, and email invoicing), all of which are integrated into a single, comprehensive payment software. This allows customers to purchase your products from multiple locations – both in-store and online – while simplifying your accounting process.

Here are a few points to consider when deciding if custom payment processing is right for your business.


Increased Cash Flow

Because custom payment processing solutions give customers more purchasing opportunities, business owners who opt for custom payment processing often see an uptick in revenue. This increase in the company’s cash flow allows them to seek out other investment opportunities and establishes rapport with the organization’s customers.

Reduced Management and Maintenance Time

Instead of maintaining multiple payment systems, custom payment processing allows you to manage all of the channels in a single place. This streamlined approach allows your team to easily manage all of the different channels in one area.

Simplified Accounting System

Custom payment processing combines multiple payment channels, so your accounting information will also be organized in one place. Your company will be able to reconcile your accounts quicker and with more accuracy.

Custom payment processing solutions are great for businesses of all sizes that want to simplify their accounting process and provide a variety of easy-to-navigate payment options. With a variety of web, point of sale, mobile terminals, software, and accounting integrations, Pay Proudly can help you develop a custom payment solution that allows you to reach your goals faster. Call us at (843) 707-6110 or click here to get started now.