The Revel Point of Sale and Business Management Platform Build with Your Success in Mind

Revel Systems is the point of sale (POS) and business management platform built to help you achieve your goals. At Revel, we pair an intuitive point of sale with powerful management tools to help restaurants and retailers deliver a better customer experience, diversify revenue streams,
and scale their businesses with ease.

Quick Service POS System
Restaurant POS System
Retail POS System

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Accelerate Your Business with Powerful POS technology

Manage Your Entire Inventory

Control every item in your inventory, including prices, names, ingredients, and images. Track inventory quantities in real-time.

Cater to Your Customers

Easily split bills, hold bar tabs, and accept more payment types. Delight your customers with increased payment flexibility.

Manage Your Team

Push out schedules to your team directly from your management console, and track employee time with Revel’s built-in timecards.

A Dynamic Platform to Put the “Quick” Back in
Quick Service while Improving Order Accuracy

Build a menu that works for your restaurant. Enable order modifications and add-ons with the touch of a button.

Keep checkout lines moving with mobile order takers and self-service kiosks so you never lose a sale due to line peel.

Configure your front and back-of-house hardware to enhance productivity.

The Full-Service Restaurant Point of Sale

Understand how all of the moving pieces of your business impact your bottom line with intelligent reporting.

Perfect order accuracy with seamless communication. Customer display screens and kitchen display screens reduce errors and delays.

A Complete System to Streamline Management of Both Stockroom and Storefront

Manage inventories, small or large, with inventory management tools.

Utilize POS features that create a memorable end to end customer experience, including seamless transactions, gift cards, and refunds and exchanges.

Get The Best Out of Your Revel POS System

  • Online Ordering
    • Apply real-time changes to your menu easily and quickly.
    • Build a branded online ordering platform.
    • Seamlessly connect your entire systemーfrom your online ordering platform to your POS and to your customer relationship management (CRM).
    • Low-cost, standalone online ordering product called Revel Go™ for businesses that already have an existing POS.
  • Delivery XT
    • You and your customers may track your driver in real-time on a virtual map.
    • Easily update your customers on their orders via text or email.
    • Monitor your delivery metrics in a central dashboard.
    • Offer your customers a fully-branded delivery experience.
  • Customer Display System
    • Gives you the ability to offer reward accounts to your loyal customers to encourage them to order again next time.
    • Includes a “Prompt for tip” feature for customers to select an option or manually type in their tip amount.
  • Kitchen Display System
    • Includes training for staff
    • Seamless integration with the online ordering feature
    • Sends an SMS to your customers that their food is ready for pickup.
  • Mobile POS Technology
    • Allows for easy payment processing while your customer is at the table
    • Real-time inventory management
    • Includes a portable device that you can take around your restaurant and even trade shows.
  • 3rd Party Integration Partners
    • Seamless integration with the following apps or software:
    • Yellow Dog
    • Repeat Returns
    • Waitr
    • Marginedge
    • Chowly
    • Quickbooks
    • 7Shifts
    • Itsacheckmate
    • Como
  • Digital Menu Boards
    • Saves you the cost of having to reprint your menu
    • Customizable and visually appealing
    • Can connect to any TV

People Also Ask

  • What do we mean by POS?
    POS means Point of Sale. It is where a customer pays for a product or service and where a sales tax may be payable.
  • What is the purpose of a POS system?
    A POS system is commonly used by restaurants and retail stores to track sales, inventory, and cash flow. It is extremely helpful for businesses, especially in bookkeeping.
  • Can a POS transaction be traced?
    Yes, everything done in a POS can be traced. Merchant banks log every data of the transaction.

The Best POS System on the Market

Manage your business easily and keep your customers satisfied with Revelーthe best POS System in Bluffton, SC. It is jam-packed with amazing features that you can utilize whenever and wherever.

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Quick Service POS System
Restaurant POS System
Retail POS System
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