A Revel POS system for restaurants is one of the best Point of sale systems on the market. It is well-manufactured, giving your customers speed and efficiency. The restaurant point-of-sale systems’ marketplace has increased significantly and has become quite crowded.

Have you been concerned about this with your restaurant’s time and efficiency? You don’t have to be with our Revel Point of Sale System.

We, at Proudly, understand that it’s not easy to find the best POS options for your restaurant. It can get quite confusing.

We have a powerful and highly popular solution for you: Revel’s Restaurant POS System. Learn more about it and Pay Proudly will help you with every detail.

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Restaurant POS Software And Hardware

Check out Revel’s restaurant POS software and hardware systems:

POS Software

1. Tableside Ordering

Revel’s system allows mobile tableside ordering. Through this type of ordering system, you will improve order precision, and your kitchen staff will be able to dish out orders faster. This ensures that your customers have a great dining experience.

2. Floor Plan And Table Management

Have you been looking for software to layout your dining area and move parties quickly? Search no more! Revel’s restaurant POS software can automatically help you manage several sections without stress. Use the insights from this feature and identify high-volume as well as slow-turning tables. Adjust your staff training and schedules for excellent service established on data-backed information.

Restaurant POS Hardware

1. iPad Stands

Revel offers an excellent iPad point of sale that is more attractive and secure than you have ever imagined. This is the most durable iPad stand with a high-quality polished design. It boasts a customer-facing display and a lower-profile option for the upscale dining experience you have been looking for in a long time. All your needs are well-covered!

2. Portable Ordering Device Enclosures

Is tableside ordering stressful for you? Don’t be stressed anymore! You’ve just landed in the right place. A portable ordering device enclosure is the ideal thing for you. Make the right and wise decision and protect your iPads as you equip your attendants with a handheld attachment card swiping functionality. With this system, you will be amazed by its ability to help you turn tables fast with mobile terminals ready to work and accept payments wherever it may be.

People Also Ask

What POS System Is Best For A Restaurant?

The best restaurant POS Systems are:
1. Revel POS
2. Clover POS
3. Toast POS
4. Upserve POS

How Much Does A Restaurant POS System Cost?

The price of a restaurant POS system ranges from $79 to $150 per month for the software and $799 for the hardware. 

Can a POS transaction be traced?

Yes, merchant banks always trace the online transactions you make with your card.

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Proudly is one of the top payment processors in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC. We provide a wide range of high-quality POS systems for various businesses like the Revel Restaurant POS System. We ensure a simple and secure payment solution that will make your business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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