Are You Accepting Payments on The Go?

Bluffton Sc Mobile PaymentIt is a well-known fact that a large majority of people carry plastic and it is the preferred method of payment.  As a business owner, you need to be able to safely and securely accept credit cards as payment from your customers

Do you sell your goods or services in the field?

I am talking about plumbers, electricians, farmer’s market vendors, home sales, etc.  You get the idea.  If this applies to you and your business, how are you accepting credit cards?

Sometimes we find that you write down their credit card number on the invoice and process it when you get back to the office, or you have the customer call your office with their card for payment. 

Unfortunately, neither of these methods are great for your customer or for you.  These solutions have a high risk of fraud.

Also, keying in a credit card number remotely makes it much easier for your customer to claim they never made the purchase in question and file a dispute.  This increased risk has led to credit card processors charging you a higher rate for keyed transactions.

The good news is with modern technology you now have a better option, mobile payments

mobile payments in Bluffton SCUnless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you have heard of Square. 

Well, we have even better news. There are card readers that work the same as Square but can usually offer a much lower rate and save you money. 

Basically, a compact card reader Bluetooth connects to a mobile phone and it will securely accept a swipe or even better, read an EMD chip for secure payment. It will even activate a text or email a receipt to your customer.

Accepting mobile payments in the field provides a business with great benefits

The most obvious benefit is the simplicity and speed of getting your money.  Also, if you obtain an EMD read from the card, it protects you from customer disputes and lowers the processing or interchange category for the payment. 

Mobile payments also provide great convenience for your customers.  In the world of Uber and GrubHub, people are accustomed to convenient and easy payment experiences. Anything that makes your customers lives easier is a win for your business.

At Pay Proudly, we offer a mobile reader that comes with a free web portal for full reporting for your business. 

The best part is we can offer significant savings compared to the well-recognized brand and provide you with superior customer service.  No phone trees or waiting on hold for long periods of time.  Your time is valuable and we recognize that having a company care about your success is what truly separates us from our competitors. 

Oh, and let’s not forget.  Pay Proudly gives to charity with each EMD read of a card from your customers.  If you are in the field, we want to help you take payments on the go and now you know why and how.  Just give us a call. 

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