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“Pay Proudly is now part of OUR family! They took the time to learn about my business and frustrations. They presented 2 different options -both simplified our payment process and saved us an awesome amount of money”

– Jake Morton

Custom Payment Solutions that Save You Money and Provide You with Personalized Support…
While Using Fees to Support Local Charities and Non-Profits

At Pay Proudly, we’re proud of so many things …
and proud to offer our merchants a better option for credit card processing
proven to help businesses grow.

Pay Proudly, headquartered in Bluffton, South Carolina, is a unique card processing company that not only saves merchants a significant amount of money and provides the personalized support that is so important to merchants today, but also provides them with an extraordinary opportunity to give back to others — all at no additional expense to their business.

Our unique business model – and passionate team of payment experts with decades of experience in the electronic payment industry – is what makes us different from other payment processing companies … and what makes our clients proud to be part of our Pay Proudly family. When you work with Pay Proudly, you work with real people who know you and your business who are always just a phone call away to provide you with the personalized support you need – and who are as committed to the success of your business as you are.

Why Process Proudly?

Save Money.
Through our longstanding relationships in the industry and unsurpassed industry insight, we are able to get the best rates for our merchants – helping business owners save a significant amount of money and reach their business goals faster.
We Know You — and Your Business.
We take the time to truly get to know each of our merchants — and understand their business. We’re here for our merchants at all times, and at every step along the way. In addition, unlike other credit card processing companies, a live person who knows you and your business is always just a phone call away. When you work with Pay Proudly, you won’t have to deal with impersonal call centers, long hold times or online tech support. We’re proud to be able to provide that personalized live support – and know it makes all of the difference to our merchants.
Save Big and Give Big.

At Pay Proudly, we’re all about giving back to others. We’ve created a unique business model that enables us to direct a portion of the unavoidable credit card processing fees to donate to important causes. Our merchant fees support local charities and non-profits – all at no expense to our merchants.

Pay Proudly.
Good for Business
Good for your Soul

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Proudly helping our clients — and our communities — succeed and reach their goals.

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Proudly saves companies money on payment processing and contributes to charity with every transaction!

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Proudly is a movement, an idea of what the world desperately needs right now, and that’s a connection to the greater good. We came together with a single goal, which is to support great causes that make this world a better place than the day before.

We figured we should use what we know, which is electronic payment processing.

Proudly was developed with the idea of creating auto-contributions, with little to no effort involved. Every product that Proudly creates leads to effortless auto contributions, with zero out of pocket expense to a business. Every transaction makes a difference.

Proudly is striving to make everyone want to live their life Proudly and support the people and causes that make the world a better place.

About The Team


What is Proudly? It is a fresh concept business platform for credit card processing for any business owner that provides an extraordinary opportunity to give back to a cause that is important to them at no additional expense to their company.

Proudly was developed with the idea of creating auto-contributions, with little to no effort involved. Not only will Proudly make a donation to the charity of your choice with no out-of-pocket expense to your business, but will most likely beat your current processing fees and save you money at the same time.

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Processing through Pay Proudly creates contributions to the charity of your choice.

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