Tis the season of giving, and there’s no time like the holidays to thank the customers and communities that have supported your business through another year. But if you want your give-back campaign to stand out from the crowd, you’ll have to think beyond the typical holiday open house.

If you’re still searching for a campaign that will make an impact – both on your customers and your cause of choice – then look no further than this list of creative holiday give-back ideas.

Make It Automatic

If you want to donate to a cause close to your business this season, but don’t have time to organize a fundraiser during the holiday rush, then look no further than our payment processing solutions. Each quarter, we give a percentage of our merchant fees to charities and non-profits that represent our clients’ charitable interests, making it easier (and more affordable) than ever to support the people and causes that make the world a better place.

Host a Free Shopping Event

Here’s a twist on the classic clothing or toy drive: help families in need find the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones by hosting a free shopping event at your store. Allow each customer to choose a specified number of gifts from your selection of donated or sale items at a free or reduced cost. With a little creativity and a private login page), online-only businesses could host a similar event by allowing customers to add items to their virtual cart instead.

Set Up a Giving Tree

Partner with a local charity or non-profit to set up a giving tree, decorated with ornaments that list gifts for families and children in need. Allow customers to choose an ornament, then deliver the presents back to your store by a specific date.

Wrap For a Cause

Many people would gladly pay to have someone else wrap their gifts for the holidays, so get your team together and wrap for a cause! Spend an afternoon wrapping other people’s Christmas gifts, then donate the proceeds to your charity or non-profit of choice. Try getting your wrapping supplies donated to maximize the amount you’re able to give.

At Pay Proudly, we strive to make giving back easy at every time of year. Through our unique auto contribution model, we not only simplify our merchants’ payment process, but we also give a percentage of fees collected to local charities and nonprofits on their behalf at no additional cost to them. Call us at (843) 707-6110 or click here to get started now.