PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is to increase controls for cardholder data. Its formation was due to the rise of payment fraud. Several card brands had lost millions of dollars in credit card fraud. Payment card security standards are a set of rules that protect the cardholder and the merchant. The measures reduce credit card fraud. Criminals get access to cardholder information through network intrusion, wiretapping attacks, or device tampering schemes. You can protect your business by ensuring that your company follows the guidelines given by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. Protect your customers by staying up-to-date with PCI compliance. Read on for more details or

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The Importance Of PCI Compliance

Secure Transactions

Every merchant that accepts credit or debit cards needs to be PCI compliant. The information of the cardholder is sensitive and should be protected. The merchant who stores and transmits credit, debit, or prepaid card information should follow the required guidelines so that the transactions are secure.

The PCI data security standard reduces the possibility of data loss during these transactions.  It guides the merchant on how to prevent and detect any data breaches. It also guides on how to react in case of fraud.

Customer Confidence

The cardholder needs to be sure that your website is safe. Your website should not be the reason to lose hard-earned money. Customers should be confident that they can use their credit or debit cards to buy products from your website without any risks. If you follow the guidelines required by the PCI DSS, you will protect sensitive data, and your customers can make safe transactions on your website.

Maintain A Vulnerability Management Program

When you are PCI compliant, your company will undergo a PCI audit procedure to meet the PCI DSS requirements.  The system depends on the number of processed transactions per year. It is an ongoing process and responsibility.  The regular updates of your website will fix any vulnerability. The cardholder data is on the site of the merchant, and it should be kept private and safe. The merchant must be PCI compliant to ensure that they are safe from the growing credit card fraud activities.

Good Reputation

PCI compliance is essential for the security of your customers. In the case of a data breach, your company will experience a loss of sales and clients. The customers will never return to you if you do not prevent a data breach. Being PCI compliant will decrease the risk of data fraud. Attackers will look for any vulnerability. If your business does not have security solutions, you will be vulnerable to their attacks. PCI compliance enables our company to have a good reputation. A good reputation is essential for the profitability of the business.

A Leader in Payments Processing

The relation between a customer and a merchant should be on trust. You should ensure that the data of your customer is safe by following the PCI compliance. To learn more about our services or to have a free consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Proudly today! We will be happy to discuss your needs and set up online payment solutions fit for your business.

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