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Proudly is more than a concept—it’s a movement that taps into what the world truly needs: a connection to the greater good. United by a single goal, we use our expertise in electronic payment processing to effortlessly support impactful causes. Every Proudly product leads to automatic contributions, requiring zero out-of-pocket expense for businesses. With each transaction, we’re making a positive impact. Proudly inspires everyone to live a life of purpose, supporting people and causes that enhance our world.

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“I’ve been using Pay Proudly for years, and they have been a game-changer. There is a big difference when you process credit cards with a company you can trust, that knows you and your business. The previous company never had anyone able to help us when we had a question about our account, fees or our machine. We never realized there was such a difference- now we know.”

TJ Anderson, Atlantic Spray Foam

“We love Pay Proudly. Initially, we were just wanting to lower our rates. They went above & beyond to guide us into the best equipment, made the transition seamless and have always been immediately available by phone or text to answer all our questions. They always go the extra mile to make sure we are taken care of- it sounds so cliche but they care.”


Ces Big D’s Royal T’s

“Before I even opened, Carla and Jeff left a note welcoming me to Bluffton. They supported me from the minute I opened my doors by spreading the word about my store and was there for all my questions. 

They never mind helping me and I always feel good about giving back to the community through my credit card processing. For 2 years they have consistently been right there for me.”

Rebecca Mancini, Maggie and Me
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“I cannot thank you enough for all you guys do for us, honestly. And I did not have to be involved. That’s Priceless. Yes. I love Pay Proudly.”

Leah McCarthy, Downtown Catering Company