The Point of Sale System

The Point of Sale System, or POS, is a system that is composed of both hardware and software, built to streamline all your business operations. Manage your sales, inventory, customers, and staff with ease.

Proudly offers a wide range of POS products that you can use right out of the box. They are easy to set up, and you can access them anytime, anywhere. They can also be customized for whatever your business needs.

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Best POS System for Various Industries


Retail businesses require a POS system that allows them to manage their inventory, use a barcode scanner as well as a receipt printer.

There are features that retail POS systems must have that do not necessarily have to be in other POS systems such as scales for weighted items, label printing for items without UPC codes, product matrix and item variants to support different products sizes, colors, etc., eCommerce integration to set up an online store, and employee commissions.


A good POS system for restaurants should allow the merchant to edit menu items easily and quickly send orders to the kitchen or bar through a printer. Having the ability to print kitchen tickets is also a must.

Another great feature, especially for restaurants or bars, is the capability to split tickets between customers in a group and keep the tab open for those who want to settle their bill later.

While restaurants need to be able to get orders online, they definitely do not need a barcode scanner nor a label printer. They also need to have a custom table map so they can monitor the reservations and the availability of the tables.


For these types of businesses, the ideal POS system would be a compact and handy one that contractors can bring onsite and facilitate credit card payments with ease. It should also be able to work offline in cases when the contractor is in a remote location. Some mobile POS systems also allow merchants to bill their clients instead with the use of an invoice software.


Salons need their customized POS system as well. Merchants who belong in this industry need a POS system that will allow them to accept and manage online bookings, a calendar management tool for employees, and a way to track memberships. Likewise, they require the ability to securely store their clients’ credit card information and process recurring transactions regularly.

Top Payment Processors

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