Payment Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is a system of protocols used for accessing computing resources. They allow eCommerce sites and other businesses to process credit card payments, track orders, as well as manage their customer lists.

Many of you will agree that managing payments on your website or any other application can be very tough. Have you tried website payment management in vain? Well, with Proudly, the integration of payment APIs and gateway payment APIs makes it a lot easier to process payments and take advantage of other features as well.

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Benefits Of A Payment Gateway API

Other than maintaining control of your user’s experience, here are other benefits of an online payment API:

  • Helps You Interact With Customers On More Than One Platform

    We have a robust API that increases the number of places to interact with your customers powerfully. You can enable payments through your mobile app, on your company’s Twitter, or even Instagram. You will now have qualified for several possible contextual payments.

  • You Will Enjoy Business Real-Time Purchasing Data To Update Smarter Marketing Decisions

    Proudly’s payment gateway API will automatically provide tons of data beyond simple payment information. You will enjoy a real-time data feed that can be used on the spot, helping you understand and act on buyer behaviors. You will find out that stress-free access to this actionable data is significant to move your business to the next level.

  • Gives Your Customers A Wide Variety Of Payment Options For Your Business

    To get many payment transactions to your business, it should accept several payment methods, including all types of credit cards. Other payment options like Visa checkouts, PayPal, together with all international currencies, are paramount. It is simple with the right API. Customers appreciate this kind of flexibility, and not even one sale will be limited by a specific payment type or geographic area.

  • Company Customer Data Remains Safe And Secure

    Gone were the days when businesses opted for hosted pages to avoid the security risk of credit card data on websites. Now, some people use API payment service and build their own purchasing experience. At the same time, the API provider is responsible for PCI data to secure sensitive credit card fields. Choose Proudly, and we will give you an API that’s flexible and able to handle all types of transactions at the same time, providing security and flexibility your CFO requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is An API Solution?
    It is an application program designed to manage payments enabling eCommerce sites to process credit cards, track orders, and correctly maintain customers’ lists.
  • Are You Able To Track Payments With API?
    Yes, APIs integrate multiple payment sources, providing customers with excellent means to track their payments in a significant way.
  • What Is The Safest Online Payment Method?
    Credit cards are the safest online payment method to use because they have security features such as encryption and fraud monitoring. This ensures that your personal information is secured and not easily accessible to anyone on the internet.

The Best API Payment Solution

Regardless of what your company sells or does, we at Proudly will make you a satisfied client among many we serve.

Do your customers have a memorable experience with your website? When customers struggle with check out, they might have last-minute indecisions and not continue with the purchase. But don’t worry! You’ve just landed in the right place; Proudly’s payment gateway API is what you need to eliminate those disappointments and create a smooth customer experience.

Proudly APIs will automatically enable easy integration of applications, leading to significant innovation and an enjoyable digital experience. It is a guaranteed alternative of hosting your checkout pages traditionally by eCommerce business and allowing your customers to purchase from your website and pay through gateway APIs directly. Get started with the payment gateway API today!

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