Many business enterprises are gradually moving from ancient payment processing systems into more modern ones. One such famous payment processing destination for such businesses is Proudly’s integrated core processing platform. This platform offers dynamism in a custom-built payment ecosystem. It enables it to function centrally, thereby enhancing the streamlining of work-flows and facilitating effective management of all business processes.

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MX Merchant Overview

MX Merchant offers a custom-built environment that brings integrated payment solutions to a whole new level. It allows merchants to process all forms of electronic payments such as credit, debit, and ACH. Likewise, it provides intuitive tools that will be able to aid in billing and collections, sales tracking, eCommerce, and customer engagement, which will all come from one source. Our merchants are thrilled to be able to use this kind of technology.

Benefits Of Mx Merchant

  • Expanded business proficiency and improved customer commitment.
  • 24/7 account access
  • Easy to manage
  • It is easy to integrate with other business tools and operations.

Because it offers everything a business needs in a single source, MX Merchant is one of the highly in-demand payment solutions. MX Merchant likewise offers versatile items like MX Express, so you have everything you need on your mobile phone.

MX Merchant Express Highlights

  • Use your iOS card payment application effortlessly.
  • Receive credit card payments with customized tip functionality.
  • It shows the void, return, and tip adjustment inside the payment history.
  • It allows you to check your payments by batch as well as close open batches.
  • You can print, email, and text receipts to your clients.

It is a modern payment platform providing a reliable and available payment system. The acquisition of an MX Merchant automatically sets you up with an account. This standard account has robust features such as Quick Pay, Customers, Support, Settings, Docs, Deposit, Chargeback, Customizable Dashboard, and Payments Modules, among others. Therefore, do not hesitate to take advantage of this financial upgrading opportunity. Download the MX Express App from the Apple App Store Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Merchant in Online Payment?
    A merchant account is a bank account that allows your business to accept payments from your customers in various forms, such as credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments.
  • What is a Merchant Fee?
    Merchant fees are charges that a business settles with the merchant service that processes their credit card transactions.
  • How Are Merchant Fees Calculated?
    Credit card companies calculate merchant fees by flat rate plus a percentage of each credit card sale, including the taxes.

Reliable Payment Processing Platform

Now is your time to revolutionize your business. Do not let this unique opportunity pass you by. Get a product that will enhance your business’ financial transactions and help you stay ahead of the pack. Visit us at Proudly today and get your customizable payment processing platform. Install Proudly’s feature-rich applications today!

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