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As more and more businesses go online, one major consideration is how they are going to accept payments. This is where payment gateways come in. Simply put, these are products that allow businesses to collect payment from credit or debit cards through mobile applications or websites.

MX Merchant Express is a free mobile app that users can download in the App Store for iOS users or Play Store for Android users. It is customizable to fit your business’ needs. It is simple to use and perfect for quick payment processing.

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Top 10 Features of MX Merchant Express

Easy to Use Interface

MX Merchant Express is designed to be simple and quick for merchants that are always on the go. The look and feel of the app is like a trusty calculator.

Tip Settings

This feature allows you to use or disable tips. You can also set defaults as well as give tip options.

Signature Settings

This app allows you to accept on-screen signatures. Likewise, you can set which transactions you want to require a signature for: for every transaction, only for transactions amounting to $25 and up, or never.

Save Cards On File

You are able to permanently save detailed customer payment information on file so that you can reference them without any hassle. You can also use this feature to charge them upon check out.

Multiple Ways to Accept Transactions

One of the best things about this app is it allows you to accept transactions in different ways. You may key transactions in, swipe the customer’s card, use EMV and NHC transactions, and even use the phone’s built-in camera to snap a photo of the card for entry.

Text/Email/Print Receipts

This one may be very helpful. The app enables you to send a text, an email, or provide a printed copy of your receipt to the customer when the transaction completes. You may customize this receipt to suit your brand.

Apply Notes and Memos

To help you and your staff keep track of unique customers, you can use the notes feature.

Keep Transaction History

Keeping a transaction history for each customer will help you quickly find past charges. Likewise, you can resend receipts if needed.

Backup Option

A mobile app is a great backup option in case of power failure or internet problems. This way, you can still make sales without a hitch.

Everything Syncs With MX Merchant

MX Merchant assures customers that they have a smooth, seamless process from one product to another. You basically have everything you need for your business’ payment solution at the palm of your hands.

Best Payment Processor In Bluffton, Hilton Head, and The Rest of The Lowcountry

What makes Proudly the best payment processor in Bluffton, Hilton Head, and The Rest of The Lowcountry? We not only offer excellent products and services, but we also use our payment processing platform to positively impact great causes by creating auto-contributions.

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