• Issuing Bank – issues the credit or debit cards
  • Card Brands – work with governments to establish the rules applicable to credit and debit cards such as acceptance, security, and interchange rates
  • Processors – provides the hardware and software necessary to process electronic payment transactions
  • Payment Gateway – integrates the payment technology such as terminals, shopping carts, etc. to the card processing networks
  • Sponsor Bank – distributes the appropriate funds to the merchant, the ​Automated Clearing House (​ACH) payments to the processor, the payment to the card brands, and their share of the interchange fees to the issuing bank

The interchange fee is the amount charged by banks to the merchant whenever they process a debit or credit payment for a customer’s transaction.

The PCI data security standard reduces the possibility of data loss in every transaction. It guides the merchant on how to prevent and detect any data breaches. It also guides on how to react in case of fraud. You also undergo a regular PCI audit procedure to meet the PCI DSS requirements.

Likewise, it increases your customers’ confidence in your brand, therefore, building your company’s good reputation.

  • Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) – has security features that protect you from data card skimming and duplication
  • NFC Payments – transaction requires the customer’s mobile device and an NFC reader only
Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) chip cards offer more security against counterfeit fraud than the traditional magnetic stripe cards by storing more information such as encrypted data, which can help prevent counterfeit card fraud.
Magnetic stripe cards are easy to clone. EMV prevents this by requiring the original version of the card upon payment as well as using a one-time, unique code for every transaction used with the card. This means that even if a hacker does get access to that code, they will not be able to use it for other transactions.
Wireless credit card processing in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC allows merchants to process payments wherever, whenever. All you need is a wireless terminal that connects to your internet. Wireless terminals may be compact but they have the same functionalities and features as traditional terminals.
  • Quick and Easy Setup – All you need to start using your wireless credit card processing terminal is to connect the terminal to your internet connection.
  • Express Transactions – Compared to traditional credit card terminals that use dial-up internet, wireless terminals connect to Wi-Fi internet. Thus, you can send and receive data at a rapid rate.
  • Handy Device – Wireless terminals are compact and lightweight. You can take them anywhere, making them ideal for businesses that are always on the go.
Wireless credit card terminals allow businesses to process payments from any location. The customer simply swipes their card in the device; their information is sent to the payment processor, then to their issuing bank, then the bank releases the money to the establishment.
The Point of Sale (POS) system is the central component of a business. It is a computerized network that integrates everything from sales, inventory, team management, and customer management in one place. While businesses can operate without a POS, it is considered a necessity for those who want to have an easy and streamlined process.
Yes, everything done in a POS can be traced. Merchant banks log every data of the transaction.
  • Expanded business proficiency and improved customer commitment.
  • 24/7 account access
  • Easy to manage
  • It is easy to integrate with other business tools and operations.
Yes, everything syncs with MX Merchant. This means that you will have a smooth, seamless process from one product to another.
  • Clover POS gives customers a variety of devices, software, and accessories to make their day-to-day operations robust and highly efficient.
  • Clover POS allows businesses to collect payments through credit, debit, and gift cards. They can also accept NFC and mobile payments.
  • Clover POS helps with order management—taking orders for inhouse, pickup, or delivery.
  • Clover POS allows you to store customer data such as their birthdays, transaction history, etc. so you can continue to engage them.
  • Clover POS gives you the ability to manage your team anytime.

The Clover Flex has a long-lasting battery that could last for at least eight hours in one charge, enough for a day’s operation.

Yes, even though it’s small, the Clover Mini is a full POS system. It’s a standalone credit card processing terminal device that can also perform POS and business management functions.

Dejavoo is one of the most trusted names when it comes to payment processing equipment. We carry their countertop, wireless, Android, pin pad, and Z1 MPOS terminals. We also have their Android registers.

We have top-of-the-line Revel POS products to help you manage your team and inventory, as well as give a great customer experience. We have POS systems for restaurants, quick service restaurants, retail stores, pizza shops, and coffee shops.
Yes, Revel can smoothly integrate with:

  • Yellow Dog
  • Repeat Returns
  • Waitr
  • Marginedge
  • Chowly
  • Quickbooks
  • 7Shifts
  • Itsacheckmate
  • Como
Proudly provides an extraordinary opportunity to give back to a cause that is important to the merchant by creating auto-contributions at no additional expense to their company.