There are a plethora of payment processing solutions that allow small businesses to collect money as well as keep inventory, manage employees, etc. While the software being used makes the biggest difference to how your device functions, selecting reliable hardware is also very important. Your business will need equipment that can use both native and third-party apps.

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What Hardware Solutions Can Dejavoo Offer For Your Business?

Countertop Terminals

We offer EMV-certified payment terminals that are secure, multi-functional, and easy to use. They have built-in EMV and near-field communication (NFC) Contactless readers. They also have tri-comm capabilities (Dial, IP, & WiFi). Available units include the Z8 Tri Comm and Z11 Tri Comm Touch Screen.

Wireless Terminals

Wireless terminals have the same functionalities as countertop terminals, only that they allow you to go to where your customers are. This is very convenient to use in a restaurant or coffee shop setting.

We have the Z9 Wireless Terminal, Z1 MPOS PIN Pad Terminal, QD1 Rigid Wireless Android, QD2 Mobile Wireless Android, QD3 mPOS Android, and the S1 4G Android.

Android Terminals

Android Terminals are mobile payment terminals that support Android apps. This allows you to not only accept payments but also operate your register, manage your inventory, and even run a loyalty program.

The models we offer are the QD1 Rigid Wireless Android, QD2 Mobile Wireless Android, QD3 mPOS Android, QD4 Desktop Android, and the S1 4G Android.

PIN Pad Terminals

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) pad or PIN entry device (PED) is a payment terminal that accepts payments via debit, credit, or smart card. They are customer-facing terminals that require the customers to enter their PIN in order to verify the transaction.

Our PIN Pad terminals include the Z3 PIN Pad Terminal and Z6 Pin Pad Terminal with Touch Screen.

Z1 MPOS Terminal

This payment terminal has built-in EMV and near-field communication (NFC) Contactless readers. Meaning aside from credit and debit cards, it also takes payments via Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, etc. This device may be compact, but it is a touch screen that allows for signature on display.

Android Registers

These are new-generation cash registers that allow you to process payments with an Android device, whether it be a phone or a tablet. These devices have a built-in scanner and/or printer.

Dejavoo carries the CHD Android Register and All-in-one Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Payment Processing System?
    A payment processing system is a technology that facilitates the transfer of money, paid in exchange for goods or services, from one entity to another.
  • What Is A Merchant Terminal?
    A merchant terminal lets businesses capture their customer’s credit and debit card data and send it to a merchant services provider or bank. This authorizes the transfer, and, as a result, the merchant will receive the payment from the bank.
  • How Do Wireless Credit Card Terminals Work?
    Wireless credit card terminals allow businesses to process payments from any location. The customer simply swipes their card in the device; their information is sent to the payment processor, then to their issuing bank, then the bank releases the money to the establishment.

Use Effective and Efficient Dejavoo Hardware Solutions

Proudly offers state-of-the-art Dejavoo devices that work securely and seamlessly. Their hardware solutions are all you need to run a simple yet efficient payment processing system. Proudly likewise offers Dejavoo software solutions.

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