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Your application users get the ability to make payments through debit and credit cards when you have an integrated credit card processing solution. Consider a credit card transaction integration if your product or SAAS offers any recurring payment functionality.

With over 15 years in the industry, we take pleasure in meeting the payment gateway needs of apps and stand-alone software. We work with software or SAAS providers to make the process of collecting payments easier. You can generate new revenue from your platform without added support burdens. We specialize in recurring payment solutions with collection and reconciliation needs. For more details

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What You Need To Know On Credit Card Integration API

Below are the two types of software platforms involved at the start of credit card integrations. Credit card integration begins with one of these two.

  1. The integrating organization uses the first software platform. An example is a SAAS platform that offers a web-based solution that helps nonprofits to improve donations. The platform can serve 500 non-profits and require an automated solution to reconcile subscription costs.
  2. The other software platform is by SAAS development organization, and many businesses run their operations using the software platform. Clients in the fitness industry, for instance, can run their business on this platform.

In both cases, organizations are delivering products or providing services to customers. The transactions are done through software applications and do not involve cash. There is a need to accept credit cards. With the changes in technology, payment providers have developed advanced payment integration APIs that enable the integrating organization to originate, manage, reconcile, and deliver notifications from within the software application of the organization.

The integrating organization’s software becomes a payment platform in itself.

What Are The Factors To Consider In A Credit Card Integration API?

  • The availability of the API. Find out if your partner offers restful, ACH transaction integration in addition to credit cards.
  • The availability of other payment utilities
  • In case your market base includes Canada, does the partner provide a single API for both US and Canada?
  • Find out if the platform provides a solution for credit card decline. Recurring transaction rates now average 15%
  • Is sensitive data tokenized, and can you make a call to tokenize a bank account data before an origination?
  • Is it possible to leverage the Credit Card Processing Integration for your app’s revenue stream?
  • Consider the ancillary utilities available from the Credit Card API to make calls for anti-fraud and risk mitigation.
  • Find out if the partner assists in AutoPay customer adoption for you and your user clients.
  • Availability of acceptance models that can lower processing costs.
  • Check for white label possibilities that might allow for branded processing options, keeping the processor behind the scene.
  • Availability of an API that would enable customers to apply from your site or app.
  • The potential partner should take time to understand the needs of your business and provide unique payment solutions for your needs and customers.
  • Check the reputation and experience of your potential integration partner.

Why Do You Need An ACH Integration?

Here are some of the best reasons why you need an ACH integration program. 

  1. The rate of credit card decline is around 15%. ACH payment processing return rates are less than 2%.
  2. The processing fees are 80-90% less expensive than credit card fees.

What Is The Sensitive Data That Surrounds Credit Cards?

Credit card processing providers use reference token in place of actual card data to increase the security of the data. Others don’t, but you should not avoid them. What you should not overlook is how the actual card data can be acquired by the merchant of record in case they decide to migrate to a new merchant service provider.

The credit card service provider should not hold your data card hostage. Data hostage can come in two forms;

  1. It requires the merchant of record to pay exorbitant fees to get an encrypted data file. Generating the file can warrant some costs, but it should not be excessive. A processor that would want you to pay for thousands of dollars is getting involved in piracy. The processor terminates by using the data transfer fee in a hostage situation. Ensure that you know upfront the number of payments charge for the transfer of the data.
  2. In some organizations, you won’t get your data files unless the number of records attains a certain threshold. In case you want to migrate to a new credit integration provider, there will be working hours devoted to re-obtaining card data directly from customers. Mostly, startups are affected by these scenarios, where the initial credit card integration came near the end of their development roll-out, and there was no consideration, or the application stakeholders didn’t know about credit card data hostage.

The Decline Management

Credit card declines are at an average of 15%. The drops can cause problems such as loss of revenue and having customer service reps chasing down new card data. There needs to be a systematic approach in dealing with credit card declines. Organizations using a software application being in a subscription-based model or having recurring transactions can manage this through the integrating API itself.

A reliable credit card integration API will have connectivity to that card networks update programs. Card networks re-issue credit cards that are expired, lost, or compromised. The card networks should be updated so that they can make an update file available every month. There can be charges for the updates, but it is better than having to chase down new card data manually.

An organization can also programmatically employ credit card retry logic in addition to credit card updater files. Proudly Payments can help your organization achieve this.

The Most Suitable API Integration Program Available

Credit card API integration generates revenue for software platforms that have multiple businesses or organizations using their software. An integrated platform is a de facto sales agent of the processing providers. Proudly Payments has over 15 years’ experience in revenue share agreements. It deserves an award.

Talk with us about the application, and we will know the options to present to you and help you choose a model that works for everyone involved. You need to think of finding the best revenue-share situation for our credit card API integration.

Here at Proudly, we have to put your business first. We will take our time to learn about your requirements and needs. We have ACH app clients from the various spectrums. The providers have trusted us, and we help them in other business areas.

We create Credit Card Payment integration solutions and ensure that our clients are satisfied. It provides a more economical method of streamlining cash flow, and if there are recurring payment requirements as part of your app or market, we have the expertise. Empower your software with predictable, less expensive payment vehicle and API functionality that will add value to your user base.

Our revenue share model for integrated partners is also essential for the growth of your business.

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