All-In-One Point Of Sale System In A Smaller Package Clover Mini Device 

Whether you are a counter restaurant or a full-service retail business get only the Best Clover Mini device, having a point of sale (POS) system is a significant advantage. POS makes business easier and definitely, better. It allows a company to have an overview of their operation as well as keep track of sales, cash flow, and inventory status.

If you’re just starting to grow your business, then an all-in-one mini POS system is a perfect machine for you. Clover Mini is a full POS system in a smaller package. It’s a standalone credit card processing terminal device that can also perform POS and business management functions.

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How Businesses Benefit With Clover Mini?

Small Package With Full Power

Clover Mini is small enough to fit any area. It won’t take so much of your counter space. But when it comes to functionality, the device delivers full POS power. With a 7” antimicrobial glass display screen, the device likewise boasts its sleek features. With its user-friendly interface, your staff can start using the Clover Mini machine with just minimal training.

The most advanced payment terminal on the market also allows barcode and QR code reading using its front cameras.

Accepts Any Transactions

Clover Mini accepts every card type your customers like to pay. It accepts EMV compatible cards, credit & debit card swipes, and NFC payments such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. With a fast and easy transaction, funds go to your account the next business day. With multiple layers of security, Clover Mini also protects sensitive information both of the customer and the business.

Keep Track of Your Business

With its POS functions, you can also monitor your sales, inventory, and top-selling items regularly. Clover Mini also allows businesses to run on cloud-based software, meaning you get to access these valuable data anytime, anywhere. Log in any time using any computer or mobile device.

Flexible With Your Growth

Another advantage of purchasing Clover Mini is its flexibility. You can customize its features based on your business needs. As your business flourishes, it will also grow and scale with your requirements. You can add more applications as the need arises.

Improve Customer Service

Clover Mini also gives customers the convenience to manage their tips. The machine allows customers to adjust tips before completing the sales or on a separate receipt. You can also customize your Clover Mini device apps to create gift cards for customers.

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