Jeff Maine

When asked about his greatest motivation in life, Jeff Maine reflected upon his childhood and dedicated that title to his father. Growing up, Jeff’s dad always encouraged him to strive to pursue excellence and follow his dreams. From an early age, he learned about the importance of perseverance while using his skills to better the lives of others. Jeff carried these values into his career, and he is now the proud founder and CEO of Pay Proudly LLC, located in Bluffton, SC.

Jeff attended Saint Louis University, where he studied Finance and developed a passion for the industry. With over 25 years of experience in payment processing, he is committed to providing businesses with efficient electronic payment solutions. In addition, he is ecstatic about the fact that Pay Proudly donates 10% of all revenue to charitable foundations. Notably, Pay Proudly allows its business partners to help determine which charities should receive these regular donations.

Having opened his first payment processing company in 1999, Jeff’s extensive background in the field has given him relevant, valuable experiences. He has seen all sides of the industry and is dedicated to providing business owners clarity and honest answers to help them achieve their goals and succeed.

When he is away from the office, Jeff enjoys relaxing by being outdoors and boating in the Lowcountry area of South Carolina. In addition, he loves to spend time with his wife, Renae, and three children, Mason, Molly, and Maggie. Even when he isn’t working, Jeff is consistently researching the finance industry to stay updated on today’s best practices and trends. He testified that his favorite aspect of his career is knowing that he played a part in helping others find success. As such, it is his ongoing mission to provide the best payment processing service possible to Pay Proudly business partners.

Carla Raines

Carla has always had a passion for giving back. During her role as Development Director with the American Heart Association, she met the founder of Pay Proudly, Jeff Maine, and his family. Their mutual personal connections to the mission of heart and brain health made a fast friendship. Ask her to share their inspiring story when you meet. After passing the torch at the AHA, Carla joined the Pay Proudly team. She is utilizing her sales and marketing skills, coupled with her knowledge of the non-profit world to assist Jeff with expanding the company. “The fresh concept of Pay Proudly is exciting. It is rewarding enabling business owners to make a difference without reaching into their pocket.”

Traveling, biking, enjoying the great outdoors, and cooking are a few of Carla’s personal interests. There is usually a new adventure on the calendar. It keeps things fresh and expands your appreciation of the world we live in.