Carla Raines

Carla has always had a passion for giving back. During her role as Development Director with the American Heart Association, she met the founder of Pay Proudly, Jeff Maine, and his family. Their mutual personal connections to the mission of heart and brain health made a fast friendship. Ask her to share their inspiring story when you meet. After passing the torch at the AHA, Carla joined the Pay Proudly team. She is utilizing her sales and marketing skills, coupled with her knowledge of the non-profit world to assist Jeff with expanding the company. “The fresh concept of Pay Proudly is exciting. It is rewarding enabling business owners to make a difference without reaching into their pocket.”

Traveling, biking, enjoying the great outdoors, and cooking are a few of Carla’s personal interests. There is usually a new adventure on the calendar. It keeps things fresh and expands your appreciation of the world we live in.